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I have recently developed an interest in a hobby (new to me) know as letterboxing. Letterboxing is a Treasure Hunting type of activity with the treasure sought being a box containing a rubber stamp. The object is to collect a logbook full of stamp impressions. Each participant is encouraged to adopt a "Trail Name" and to get, or better yet to make, an associated personal stamp. When a box is located the finder makes an entry documenting their find (with their personal stamp, a pen, or a combination of both) in the log book found within the box. The finder also keeps a record of their finds by using the stamp found in the box to make an impression in their personal log. It is fun to browse through each box's logbook to see who else has been there, where they came from, and to get ideas for creating new stamps. Most of the stamps seen are hand made with many being very pretty and creative.

Letterboxing is fun for people of all ages and abilities. It is a good activity to get you out of the house doing some walking, and an opportunity to learn some new skills in your attempts to locate the boxes. If you have, or spend time with, young children it makes a great outdoor activity for you to share. Clues to the location of many boxes are available on the internet, but for some boxes the required information is exchanged in other ways. Clues range from those which are totally straight forward to some that are quite complex and cryptic requiring you to research data or decipher clues. The amount of physical exertion required ranges from drive by and ADA accessible to strenuous hikes and climbs. Most listings contain enough information to help you determine which searches would be appropriate for you to attempt.

Although most clues are actually posted on either the "Letterboxing North America" web site, or the "Atlasquest" web site, these listings are frequently cross-linked to each other. Many people find the "Letterboxing North America" site easiest to use however, "Atlasquest" has the most detailed information as well as having more helpful options to search for boxes and clues. To get the most complete listing of letterboxes as well as the most detailed information about them you will want to check both sites.

Also for in depth discussions of nearly everything you might want to know about the hobby check out this link to "Letterboxing Info" where you will find much information to help you get started such as tips, terms, and things to avoid. It has "how to" articles on selecting boxes, and materials, making stamps, logbooks, and much more.

As neither the Letterboxing nor the Atlasquest sites provide a complete list of all boxes there is no single established place where you can keep track of all of your finds, therefore I created this page as a personnel logbook.

Note: I have recently found that premium (paying) members of "Atlasquest" can record finds of unlisted boxes, but this log is already in existence so I plan to continue maintaining it.

I have Chronic heart failure resulting from too many heart attacks and an arrhythmia My chest now contains a Implanted defibrillator/pacemaker. This is not really bad as it sounds, it simply means that my heart is no longer able to keep up with the demands placed upon it by any strenuous activities. Walking for more than short distances requires me to stop and rest frequently. But, I still need exercise to keep from getting worse. So letterboxes that don't require a walk of over a 1/2 mile or so on fairly level ground are within my capability and are in fact good for me to attempt.

Many activities do not fall within that window of acceptable effort. For those I have acquired a cheater... a Pride Go Go Traveler scooter. I love the freedom that it affords me.


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Boxes that I have planted


# Box Name Location Date
1 Topsail Treasures Series - The Gold Hole
(Jointly with the Kobystars)
Topsail Beach, NC 10 Jul 2008
2 Berea - The Grindstone City Berea, OH 04 Nov 2008
3 Berea - Honoring a Veteran Berea, OH 14 Nov 2008
4 Marjorie's Nest Berea, OH 11 Feb 2009
5 Berea Bart Berea, OH 11 Feb 2009
6 Berea - It's a Lou Lou Berea, OH 05 Mar 2009
7 Berea - On The Rocks Berea, OH 05 Mar 2009
8 Berea - Puffer Belly Berea, OH 05 Mar 2009
9 Patty Bear Berea, OH 06 Mar 2009
10 Hanami Berea, OH 27 Mar 2009
11 Dixie Berea, OH 10 May 2009
12 Tom Davis Memorial Berea, OH 22 May 2009

Personal Traveler

# Box Name Location Date
1 What's Up Traveler 24 Oct 2008
2 First Sergeant Trail Only Traveler 29 Oct 2008


# Box Name Location Date
1 Boxing Buddy: Bearly First Traveling Mascot 20 Nov 2008

Summary of Stamps for which I have recorded Finds:
Traditional 167 - Hitchhikers 12 - Event Stamps 23
Personal Travelers 43 - Exchanges 40 - Others 23 - Cooties 1
Total 309